After a longer period of isolation, we decided to go for a MTB tour nearby.

We cycled relaxed, thinking only of the movement itself and possibly exploring areas we had never been to before. The entrance to the route was from the back of Kaufland Tudor, and up the course of the Poklos brook, into the forest. We were amazed at how nice the place is, cultivated on many plots of land worked by people, under the forest. So close to the city and yet it seems somewhere far away, in the country side. We liked it.

Those who know Ovi know that if you go with him, you will find all kinds of creatures and he will tell you about all the plants he finds. Well, this timewI came across a grass snake and even more interestingly a house snake.

We didnțt take pictures, because we mostley filmed. We played, both on the ascent and on the descent on an area that looked very nice for MTB, in the forest near Bozeni, we filmed it and we were lucky to also film the snake.

That's all about our mountain biking trail.

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