12Aug 2020

Smiles/Sonrisa at Cioclo

A place we go often, very dear to us. Now, with a group of friends passionate about dance, for the 2nd year in a row, in the same place.

03Aug 2020

Buteanu and Moldoveanu

We relaxed, in this strange year (2020), leaving ourselves guided by the boys from Carpatrek, for 2 days, on the ridges of the impressive Făgăraș mountains.

02Jul 2020

Omu Peak, Bucegi Mountains

After the getaway from Piatra Mare, another one followed, this time, a little more serious in the Bucegi mountains, the Omu peak through Valea Cerbului.

24Jun 2020


The whole Isverna experience was very nice, authentic! The area, although not very well known, not exploited for tourism, is picturesque and allows many activities, from hiking to MTB trails and excursions to visit various objectives, even climbing and canyoning.