Massive: Bucegi Mountains, Southern Carpathians
Omu Peak, 2507 m altitude
ascent from Busteni, on Valea Cerbului, yellow band marking
11 hours and 47 minutes (round trip with break from the weather cottage included)
Level difference: 1600+ m
4 people (report 1 guide to 3 people)

After the getaway from Piatra Mare, another one followed, this time, a little more serious in the Bucegi mountains, the Omu peak through Valea Cerbului.

On Friday, June 12, we met at 8:00 in the morning on the road that goes to the Gura Diham chalet, at the entrance to the route on the Cerbului valley. The weather forecast didn’t looket good, but in the end with a lot of enthusiasm, we managed to see the sun and avoid the rain.

Although we encountered some small difficulties due to the long route and to the big elevation, we managed to get to the top and back, safe and sound in about 11 hours (congratulations to the three of them). Let's not forget the ginger tea, made from snow, which we received from the weather forecast cottage, which was worth the wait, because we enjoyed it on the way down.

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