• Safety first

    Safety comes first in our activities followed by the success of achieving the proposed objectives.

  • Experience is everything

    Pleasant emotions, experienced by those with whom we climb, are more important than performance.

  • Friendly atmosphere

    The atmosphere is important to us and we want it to be relaxed, cheerful, like between friends.

  • Respect the nature

    We leave nature as we found it, so that we and others who come after us, can enjoy it.

  • Respect the wildlife

    We respect the flora, the fauna, all the creatures we meet. We photograph, we film, we try not to disturb.

Our core values

Who we are

We are a group of friends with a common passion that binds us, which we want to pass on. Through the activities we organize, we promote the beauties of nature and a healthy, active life.

sign Cătălin Cătană Manager